How to select the right vibe,

How to Find the Best Vibrator


Here's the good news: we've put together this handy guide to help you narrow your search. So let's get started. Picking out your new love wand will depend on what you want it for and how you like to get off.


If you've never used a vibrator before
If you're new to the whole world of female sex toys, you might want to start things off with a simple clitoral vibrator. A clitoral vibrator doesn't involve any penetration and they're often much friendlier on the eyes than an intimidating phallic apparatus. You'll find these in a range of styles, from bullet vibrators with 11 speed settings to mini vibrators that strap onto your finger for the ultimate control.


If you like penetration while buzzing your clit
You'll want to give a rabbit vibrator a try. Rabbit vibrators offer shafts to give you a feeling of fullness, but also boast attached clitoral stimulators that tickle and caress your love button for a double whammy of toe-curling pleasure. They're available in a wide variety of lengths, textures and speeds, so finding one that'll give you a great ride should be easy.


If your love button craves a lot of power
Go with a wand massager. Yes, technically the wand massager is made to work out the kinks in your back, but they've been co-opted to work out your kinky side in bed. These marvels come with a tennis ball-sized head and incredible power.


If your G-Spot is you OMG spot
There's a vibe for that. G-Spot vibrators offer a curve at the top that's designed to nuzzle up to your G-Spot and deliver even more intense sensation. G-Spot vibes come in all shapes and sizes, from veiny, curved silicone to wand-like massagers.


If you and your man want something to use together
Check out a vibrating penis ring. Penis rings are designed to fit snugly at the base of his manhood to make him last longer and achieve a stiffer erection. Many come with a clitoral vibrator on top to give you a back-scratching thrill with every thrust.


If you're ready to get adventurous
If you've tried some of the more traditional vibes and want to take it up another level, you might like an anal vibrator. Anal vibes typically take the shape of butt plugs and even anal beads. But there are several regular vibrators that include a backdoor teaser or even a second shaft designed specifically for anal penetration.